Show Your Support

There are several ways you can show your support for the vulnerable youth who are supported through the Guidelines. Contact your MLA. Express support to your school board and admin staff. Show leadership as a student group, parent group or school council.

Here are some resources to help.


Contact your MLA

It is important that our elected representatives know there are many families that are supportive of the Guidelines.

One effective tool is to send a letter or email to your Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Here is a sample letter that you can use, or your can add your own words of support or specific questions you may have for your MLA.

AB Guidelines Letter 2016

Not sure who your MLA is?  You can look them up here:

Share your encouragement with your School Board and School Admin Staff

Send a letter or email, or call your local School Board to let them know you are supportive of GSAs and the Guidelines. You can also talk to your children’s teachers and school admin staff to let them know you support the Guidelines.

You can look up your School Board contacts here:

Show leadership as a parent or parent group

The School Act requires that students and their parents ensure their conduct contributes to learning environments that are welcoming, caring, respectful and safe.

As parents, we all strive to ensure a caring and safe environment for our children that supports their learning success. The Guidelines are simply a means to ensuring that our schools are also a safe learning environment for some of our communities’ most vulnerable youth.

Parents can show leadership among their peers by ensuring all students and staff with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions are treated with dignity and respect. Educate yourself – review the Guidelines, read the FAQs and take time to read one Calgary mother’s story.

Parents and other family members with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions may have experienced discrimination in the community and may not feel welcome or included in their children’s school community.

We all have a responsibility to ensure the safety, belonging and full participation of all members of the school community.

Students can be allies

Students have a responsibility to ensure their conduct contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment. Students can be important allies by ensuring they treat all members of the school community with respect, compassion and kindness.

Show leadership among your peers by not using discriminatory and bullying language and behaviours. Students can also report any bullying behaviour they see or experience (including online bullying) to an adult in the school.

Students have the right to establish a voluntary student organizations such as Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) or Queer-Straight Alliance. GSAs are student-run and teacher-supported school-based groups that work to create safe, caring, supportive and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ students and their allies in schools.

For student information on Gay-Straight Alliances or Queer-Straight Alliances see:

GSAs and QSAs in Alberta Schools: A Guide for Teachers

Share the information on the website with your social networks

We encourage you to post and share the information and videos on this website.

Book some professional development at your organization, school or office

Interested in some professional training for your school, group or work? Check out the training workshop opportunities offered by the Centre for Sexuality (formerly Calgary Sexual Health Centre).